Community Computers

There are computers available for accessing the Internet and using Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint). You will use your library card to log on to the computers. Guest passes may also be available.

Meeting Room

The meeting room is available for use by individuals and groups to benefit the community. It is not to be used for commercial events, gambling, or purely social events such as parties or receptions. The full policy is available at the front desk. Reservations are made on a first come, first serve basis.


There is free WiFi available for library users. Please stop by the front desk for the password.

Checkout Periods & Overdue Fines

*These are general guidelines. Exceptions may apply.*
Check out:
New Adult Fiction: 14 days
Fiction & Nonfiction: 28 days
DVDs and BluRay: 7 days
CDs: 14 days
CD books: 28 days?
Lucky Day collection: 7 days, nonrenewable

Most items are $.10/day
DVDs and Blu-Ray: $1.00/day


A black-and-white printer is available for public use through the community computers. Printouts and copies are 20 cents/page. Sorry, we do not currently have color printing available.


We can scan items for you to your email at no cost.


We can fax documents out for you, but we are currently unable to receive any personal faxes. There is a $2 charge for the first page and $1 for each additional page.